A Damaged Memory Stick Can Sometimes Be Repaired

The memory stick is one of the most common contents of everyone’s bag. We store our files (e.g. photos, proposals, presentations, videos, movies, e-books, etc.) in our memory stick so we can physically bring our files with us to anywhere we want to go. But there are times that we found out that the memory stick is not working anymore. Is it the end of your memory stick? Will you have to trash it away along with your precious files? Of course not.

There Are Two Causes Of Damaged Memory Stick

  • Physical damage – your memory stick may be broken. Say you accidentally smashed it or it fell on a glass of water or a bowl of soup. The external and/ or internal physical parts were damaged. Maybe there is a dent, broken stems, and connector, loose parts or anything.
  • Damage in the software – the controller chip is damaged so much so the memory stick is not being read by the computer.

When these happened on your memory stick, do not worry. Many damaged memory stick can be repaired depending on the issue. All you need to do is bring your memory to a licensed IT professional or to the service center. Never attempt to do the repair yourself if you have no professional background on this matter. Doing so may cause more harm and damage. The worse thing that could happen is you lose all the valuable files permanently from a damaged memory stick. Do It Yourself (DIY) attempts are actually causing more harm, as observed by IT professionals and engineers.

When you bring your memory stick to data recovery centers/ professionals, they will do all or some of the following depending on the issue and situation.

    • Open the case of the memory stick carefully. This is done very carefully to avoid causing further damage to the internal parts and potentially ruin all the chances of successful data recovery.
    • Examine the circuit board. Using the correct tools, the technician further examines the board to see any damage or broken parts.
    • When there are broken parts, soldering may be done. This is being done very carefully because any mistake may further damage the memory stick.
  • If the issue is about software, say your memory stick is physically okay but cannot be read by the computer, the technician may run the necessary recovery software to correct any issues. Sometimes, they would just need to delete computer viruses to repair the memory stick.