What To Do When You Have A Corrupted Hard Drive

Dealing With A Corrupted Hard Drive
Everything seems to go smoothly when using a computer. There are lots of things one can do there and many functions can be done. However, once something out of the ordinary such as a corrupted hard drive occurs, that is when worry comes. It is a common occurrence and remember that hard drives also depreciate—they do not last forever. With that being said, there are options to solve this type of problem.

What To Check?

  • The power supply
    Check to see if the cables are working properly. When an external hard drive is used, it is possible that the wires are not anymore functioning properly. See if there is a damage or try using a different cable. Make sure that everything is working properly. The USB ports should be enabled. By doing this, it helps the computer detect the hard drive if they cannot detect it. If it still cannot be detected, try to use the drive on another PC.
  • The hard drive itself
    Some devices have their built-in response in case there are errors in the hardware. Users are given the option to scan and recover their files. However, there is another option if that wouldn’t appear. Go to This PC, right-click Drive, click Properties, select Tools tab, and then choose Check. Nonetheless, if that wouldn’t work, using the command system is another way although it is a lengthy process or complex especially for those who are not knowledgeable in handling those.
  • Format the hard drive
    This is probably the first option that comes to mind when there seems to be no other way to solve the problem. Formatting the hard drive will clean the data so ponder before doing this. If the data inside are far too important to just let go, then the option of looking for help in performing corrupted hard drive recovery is an option too. Do not format the hard drive if you plan to retrieve the data.

A tip when it comes to this is that the corruption of the hard drive might be a sign of its end of life. Again, these types of things also depreciate and if it is already in your possession for a long period of time, then it is perhaps time to say goodbye. However, if the hard drive is relatively new, there might be a problem with the quality of the hard drive itself. With this, purchase a quality one to limit these types of problems.