The Ins And Outs Of Vmware Data Recovery

Data recovery is a godsend when it comes to current developments in the world of information and communication technology as it helps people recover data that may have been lost. This is especially important as the world today is heavily reliant on digital data.

Data recovery can be done with software and such software is easily found online. However, unlike other data recovery software which only deals with various files such as photographs and documents, VMware data recovery software deals with the recovery and creation of backup data from virtual machines.

VMware: Data Recovery Using Data Recovery Software
Virtual machines are operating systems which merely emulate existing computer systems. Those who use it will be gaining more or less the same functionality as they would be on the computer system installed on a hardware.  As such, it is commonly used in the virtualization of various data which is still prone to data loss due to system or software failure.

One data recovery software which is specifically for use on virtual machines is VMware. As compared to other VM data recovery software, it is pretty new but no less useful and efficient to use.

The Ins And Outs Of The Use Of VMware To Recover Data
With how useful VMware data recovery is, there is a great need to know the ins and outs of its use.  As it is a data recovery software, its main use is for data recovery. It is very straightforward to use due to its easy-to-follow GUI or graphic user interface. To use VMware for data recovery, the following ins and outs are great to know:

  • Know which version of VMware to use as some are meant for commercially-used virtual machines.
  • VMware has a data deduplication feature which will always run and cannot be disabled.
  • VMware, especially the newest version, is not compatible with certain virtual machines and hosts such as V13.
  • VMware is capable of creating backups of the data of the virtual machine even in cases where they are transferred to other hosts.
  • There are certain steps to be followed when using VMware such as connecting to a server via the vSphere client and installing the appliance and client in order to ensure efficient use.
  • Note that there is only a limited number of virtual machines that each VMware software can protect, making it necessary to have more backup appliances if there are more virtual machines to be protected.